The Power Trip Podcasts

  • pwr-4-28-17
    Best show on the planet
  • PWR-4-27-17
    Draft Day! Mock draft in the 8 o'clock hour.
  • PWR-4-26-17
    The boys are here and the show is wonderful!
  • PWR-4-25-17
    The boys are joined by the hockey people.
  • pwr-4-24-17
    The boys are back and hawk stuffs tacos in Sauces mouth
  • Pwr-4-21-17
    This is the best show of the year!
  • Pwr-4-20-17
    Today is 4/20 and the show is amazing.
  • PWR-4-19-17
    Sauce comes back and ruins the show
  • PWR_041817
    Sauce "The Podcast King" is out again today but Carly Aplin, Mark Rosen, and Aj join Cory & Chris to talk about Jason Zucker's Top 5 Body Parts
  • PWR 4/17/17
    With Sauce out Cory, Chris and Aj break down the Wild's 3-0 deficit in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, turn their eyes towards the Vikings as offseason activities begin today and discuss the inner nuances of ZELDA in the Nintendo Switch!