The Power Trip Podcasts

  • 3-28-17-PWR
    The boys are joined by Carly and Rosey. They discuss all the hot topics, which also happens to be the place Hawk bought his seat belt belt.
  • Pwr-3-27-17
    The boys are back from Vegas and the show rolls on. It's a top 5 show of all time.
  • 3/24 - Power Trip Vegas Day 3!
    The boys wrap up their time in Vegas with actor Alex Skuby! The guys also play Initials, live at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Las Vegas!
  • 3/23 - Power Trip Vegas day 2!
    3/23 - Power Trip Vegas day 2!Kriesel, Parrish, Rosen, and lots of rowdy rubes take in day 2 of the Power Trip in Las Vegas!
  • 3/22 - Power Trip in VEGAS!
    3/22 - Power Trip in VEGAS!It's Show number 1 from the Sin City!Rosey, Kriesel, Daveed, and the whole crew.
  • 3/21 - Powertrip Replacements!
    3/21 - Powertrip Replacements!With The Regulars en route to Las Vegas, Ben Leber, Carly Zucker, Ryan Donaldson, and AJ Mansour fill in!
  • pwr-3-20-17
    The boys are giggly because they leave for Vegas tomorrow! Rosen is no longer with us!
  • Pwr-3-17-17
    The boys talk Wild, Gophers and Rosen
  • Pwr-3-16-17
    The boys talk about the brand new Vikings running back and the passing of Ben Leber.
  • 3 1- Power Trip 5
    The boys laugh and have a grand old time