The Power Trip Podcasts

  • Pwr-2-24-17
    Our favorite day of the week! Cheryl Reeve joins due to Hawkey passing!
  • 2-23-17
    The boys are solo.Aj died, Rosen passed and Leber left us all way too early!
  • PWR-2-22-17
    The boys are joined by Jamie Watson.Torrii Hunter joins in the 8 o'clock for baseball talk. Mark Rosen raps!
  • PWR-2-21-17
    The Boys are joined by Aj Mansour, Carly Zucker and Mark Rosen. The topics discussed vary between sports, Hawks dad and Rubio trade rumors!
  • PWR-2-20-17
    PWR-2-20-17- Cory, Hawk and Sauce talk about the earth being flat, bad singing by DNCE, and Jason Zucker joins in the 8 o'clock hour.
  • PowerTrip 2/17/17
    PowerTrip 2/17/17
  • pwr-2-16-17
  • PWR-2-15-17
  • PWR-2-14-17
  • pwr-2-13-17